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“Anything is possible, just stay focused.”

Star Dillard

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Star Dillard, the Detroit Rose that sprouted from the Atlanta concrete, has always had her eye on being a part of the music industry. Initially using her singing voice to open doors in the music industry, Star’s adventures into music truly began after she auditioned for American Idol in Atlanta, Georgia. During that time, she was a freshman at Clark Atlanta University. Being that musically diverse Atlanta was always on her radar, she knew that it was the best place for opportunities.


During an internship at Real Street Promotions under Tyreal Lewis, she had the chance to see that there was so much more to the music industry while she was involved in several events surrounding the city of Atlanta during All-Star Weekend. Intoxicated by the behind-the-scenes mechanics in the entertainment industry, she once again saw an opportunity. She made up her mind and changed her major from Psychology to Public Relations and Marketing. “The rest”, as she says, “is history.” Rising Star Entertainment’s inception in October 2014 led the way for Star to open doors for so many independent artists in the Atlanta and the Southeast Region as well as Internationally in Jamaica. The very first artist she managed was Droboi aka Ty Muzik and together they ran the largest independent artist campaign in Atlanta in 2014! The impact her work with community activist Shar Bates, girl trio B.O.Y., Sean Teezy aka Bodega Teezy, and many others has been felt throughout the city. Star’s network continued to grow as she remained in the corporate world as well! 

Star has assisted with providing platforms for artists that reach from Grammy Week in LA to A3C, Atlanta Hip-Hop Day, Birthday Bash, Art of Radio and iLounge events in Atlanta, SxSw (South x Southwest) festival in Austin Texas, and music showcases in Miami Florida, setting a positive net over the independent artist market. Her hard work and determination are fueled by knowing that she is her only competition and living by her own rules that include loving herself first, finding a way or making one, and realizing nothing is as bad as it seems. 

Star Dillard, “The Artist Visionary,” and founder of Rising Star Entertainment is currently managing Brya Woods and is looking forward to the future ahead. Star is also the General Manager of Brya’s production company, 1 Eleven Productions! Most recently, she started D&S Designs with her sister Daria Dillard. This business will focus on custom Home Improvement & Home Rehab projects, she looks forward to this next business endeavor. Never limited to one thing, Star is always working on something! Star is well on her way to becoming the next big business mogul. With her drive, self-motivation, determination and hard work ethic, anything is possible, and nothing is too far from her grasp. The best is yet to come and her only hope is to continue to inspire others along the way!     

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